FRIDAY FAVES- Amazon Haul: April Edit

Hey Fam!

I am finally coming through on this haul for you guys. I can get kind of picky about the things I end up sharing with yall because I want to make sure I 100% stand behind it. There are soooo many things you can buy on amazon and also sooo many things that aren’t advertised how they ACTUALLY are when they arrive. The UPS store knows me pretty well because of all of the things that I think will be great quality/totally a great deal and end up being a huge let down. Without further ado, I am going to share a few of the items I have found to be GREAT buys and worth every penny of a purchase off of Amazon Prime. I will save a story high light on my instagram page as well so you can see the products in real time. ENJOY!


I will go clockwise with these.

First is my airpod case. How cute is this? I realize a good bit of you don’t have airpods— I am sorry for your depravity. These things are THE BOMB DOT COM. I use them all of the time for phone calls, at the gym, zoning out to music while I work…however I am simply showing you the case that I bought for the battery pack because it is so fragile and easy to drop/misplace. I LOVE the rose gold metal one and it’s super affordable. Do yourself a favor, if you are an airpod owner, put a case on your pack! There are tons of colors to choose from and it is sturdy and protective! Love this purchase.

The next raving item is my new makeup travel case. Now, this is ALL THE RAVE right now in the blog world. Everyone is promoting it, if you have seen this everywhere already, there is a reason. It’s such great quality and you can remove the inserts to fit what your makeup needs are for wherever you’re going. Tune into my stories for a real - life example of what I am talking about. Love this buy.

This water bottle is AWESOME. It’s an hydration accountability partner for a one time fee of $20. It’s a 64oz water bottle and has all of the tick marks to show you your progress throughout the day. Simple, yet brilliant. I use this all of the time and have been wanting to show you but decided to wait until my haul. People stop me and ask where I get this regularly, mainly at the gym and if I am working at Starbucks. Only pit fall is that it is humongous and you have to sit it in your passenger seat in your car because it won’t fit in a cup holder. Also, it isn’t insulated, so the water doesn’t stay cold all day… hashtag firstworldproblems.

I have wanted to share this vanity make up organizer with you all for a while, too. It’s a great investment… the compartments are awesome and you can re-arrange the stacks to fit where you want them to go. This will be much easier to explain on my stories, so make sure you visit my highlights of my instagram page to see it in real time. Huge fan of this purchase!

These silicone rings are a must buy. Super affordable for a set of 4. Perfect and dainty size and I love the colors they offer. I love to wear my rings when I know I am going to be active that day… whether it’s taking the kids to the park or going to the gym or hiking.. etc. My current wedding rings are a tid bit snug and my fingers swell when I am sweating a lot, these are so comfy and durable. I recommend these for anyone who has an active lifestyle!

The last and final item of this month’s haul is somewhat of a dupe option for the YETI insulated coffee mugs that are breaking the internet right now. This simply modern insulated mug is half of the price and still carries 12 oz of drink. It keeps your drink cold/hot for a VERY long time and is very light. The YETI version is a little heavier, thicker and pricier. I went with this one and am really happy with it!

Thanks for tuning in on here. I don’t do actual blog posts much, so when I do, I am always REALLY REALLY grateful for the traffic that comes through. It’s nice to see that a few people still read blogs these days. We live in an instagram world these days… I will reiterate to you all that I do get a small (very small) commission when you shop through my affiliate links. If you decide you want any of these products I would truly truly appreciate you purchasing through the link that is provided here on this page or through the app. I love sharing my favorite things with yall, but it does take time to curate content and link all of it, I appreciate all of yall’s support! Have a wonderful weekend- peace + love + amazon prime. (insert peace sign emoji)