FRIDAY FAVES- 4 of my Favorite Fast + Easy Meals

I realize you will probably scroll past any paragraphs I type setting up this post because that is exactly what I do when I visit a post regarding a recipe of any sort. I skip on through straight to the ingredients and instructions every time, so I get it. But maybe ONE person will read this, so hello friend!


*before you move on, just FYI: These recipes are not associated with any particular diet. They are not dairy free, gluten free, keto, paleo etc. We are an “all things in moderation” fam, so that is what you’ll get over here! Please modify these ideas accordingly, I am just telling you how I choose to make them!

I am almost ALWAYS exhausted by the end of the day. I mean, I don’t know many people who aren’t tbh. Especially my fellow mamas. There may be a small percentage of you that enjoy the challenge of a new recipe with super unique ingredients that takes 20 mins of prep + while you marinate your meat for 30 more minutes followed by an additional 45 minutes in the oven to give you more time to reduce the sauce that goes on top. Yep. You’re officially my hero… but I will admit, I typically go to restaurants for that kind of thing. This mama wants practical, predictable, quick, and easy. So without further ado, here are my mealtime hacks! Hope this helps anyone that feels the same as I do about mealtimes on the weekly!

  • Taylor Farms salad mixes are hard to beat. The Dole brand mixes are good as well, but I am loving the TF right now! You can find them at your local Kroger or Publix + probably other grocery stores but those are the places I typically shop! They come in so a variety of combinations. My favorites are the Avocado Ranch mix as well as the Buffalo mix. This is what I do:

    • AVOCADO RANCH chopped kit: dump all contents of the packaged salad into a large bowl. Shred up some rotisserie chicken and add a small amount of the dressing that comes in the packet plus a little lime juice. Heat up for about 30 seconds and then mix it into the salad. Toss and enjoy! (Add some more romaine lettuce to serve more people and add a bit more ranch dressing when needed. Flavors all mix so well!)

    • BUFFALO RANCH chopped kit: pretty much the exact same as the above but instead of using the dressing packet to flavor the rotisserie chicken, use a small amount of hot sauce/buffalo sauce/franks/tobasco… anything you want to add more flavor. Microwave for 30 sec and toss.

  • You can always bank on Taco Bowls. We do these all the time especially because my kinds LOVE them. Here’s an easy way to do it-

    • Ground turkey + taco seasoning packet

    • Seeds of Change panish style rice mix (90 second microwaveable)

    • Black bean and corn salsa (any brand) but I love the Archer Farms version from Target. It’s a good option because it’s 3 “bowl” ingredients in one. Corn + black beans + salsa. It also adds the spices for you without you having to add extra spices.. so it brings good flavor!

      • Also while we are the topic of salsa, I can’t NOT share a stand alone salsa that is THE BEST IN THE ENTIRE WORLD… it’s thin, so if you’re not into thinny dipping then it’s not for you, but I am 100% addicted and go through one container/week. Herdez Salsa Mexicana in Mild/Medium…. you may continue…

    • Mexican cheese mix (Monterrey Jack and Cheddar… any combination you’d like!)

    • Spoonful of Sour Cream (we use full fat because we go big or go home)

      (throw all of these in personal sized bowls and scarf at your own pace.)

  • Crack Chili. (I made that name up because it’s SO GOOD) Mainly because it’s made with cream cheese and cream cheese hit the brains pleasure center similar to crack cocaine. (because you needed an explanation)? ANYWAYS- This is in regular rotation at the McClure house hold. I have shared this on stories and it’s also in my highlights on my instagram page. Get a BIG POT and toss in the following *you can also throw all of this in a crockpot if you’re a planner.. do the same instructions just with 4 hours to spare cook on high heat for 4 hrs

    • 2 lbs ground turkey (or ground chicken/beef/pork) works with all the ground meats!

    • 1 packet of taco seasoning and 1 packet of ranch seasoning

      • brown and cook turkey at the bottom of the pot before adding other ingredients

    • 1 can of Rotel

    • 1 can of black beans (drained and rinsed)

    • 1 can of corn (drained)

    • 8oz cream cheese.

      • You can use 1/3 fat or the greek yogurt substitute cream cheese- I have used all of these options and there truly is not much of a difference in taste. If you’re looking to save calories and fat grams)

    • *put lid on the pot and let it congeal for 10 or so minutes and then start stirring it up. Put lid back on and let it sit for an additional 10. Stir well and serve. Sometimes I garnish with avocado. I will usually dip some tortilla chips with it as well. Bon Apetite, you’re welcome in advance.

  • Drew and I have created a pretty dang delicious Greek Bowl that is now a part of the weekly rotation. You’re welcome for sharing this as well. If you’re into Mediterranean goodness, you’ll be into this one FER SHER.

    • Grilled Chicken breast (we use Cavender’s greek seasoning) or you can use Rotisserie chicken if you’re in a bigger hurry or don’t have any raw chick on hand. I still recommend using Cavender’s seasoning though, it makes it taste REALLY good when combined with all other ingredients.

    • Seeds of Change 90 second rice packages are the best in my opinion. They are certified organic and taste great for a pre-cooked rice option. I switch mine up, but typically use the Seven Grain, Brown Basmati or Brown and Red Rice Chia & Kale combinations. They’re all delish. You can find this brand in the organic section of most grocery stores.

    • half red onion chopped

    • half cucumber shopped into 4’s.

    • feta cheese

    • pine nuts

    • feta and dill dressing (OPA by lighthouse brand)

There you have it. A few disclaimers for you. I am not into EXACT measurements unless they’re absolutely necessary. I am an “eye-baller” … these meals are very “eyeball” friendly, it’s hard to mess them up. Another friendly tip, I have found that always having a rotisserie chicken on hand and keeping your fridge stocked with some type of ground meet is helpful because they’re so versatile and you can make so many different types of quick meals with these meats. This is just something I have found at my house. West can basically eat an entire rotisserie chicken at one sitting, so you know I am all about that hot and ready kiosk at Kroger being fully stocked when I walk in the door.

Hope you enjoyed this little post and found it AT ALL helpful to the chaos that the end of the day brings. Feel free to screen shot these recipes, make them and add them to your Instagram stories tagging me so I can see! I want to know if you love these meals as much as I do! And of course if YOU have any fast and easy meal ideas to share with ME, you’re very welcome to hit me up in the comments (or on my Instagram post), I would love it if you shared your quick and simple meal ideas. The more the merrier.

Well folks, this is the closest thing I will ever have to a cookbook, so there ya have it. Happy cooking and I raise my imaginary wine glass to you all for ACTUALLY reading this post. CHEERS.

xo- Caro