EASY EATS: "on-the-go"edition

Hi friends! I put out an instagram story the other day asking for some suggestions on what the heck I can grab and eat on the go to get out the door on time when I don't feel like or have time to "cook" a breakfast meal or even a lunch meal. I have found the chick-fil-a drive thru to be way too familiar these days and I am realizing that I do it out of pure convenience (and of course delicious-ness), but that can't be an excuse anymore! T-3 weeks until Hawaii for this mama and I have GOT to get it together!

I wanted to compile a lot of suggestions I received so I can share some ideas with you guys. A small disclaimer before I ramble on: I am coming from a "I don't have it together" perspective rather than a "these are all the things I do to make my life easier" one. I am learning as I type and thanks to all of you for helping me with all of these ideas, I will definitely give you all credit where it's due! :) I am only doing this because a ton of you responded asking me to share with you what people said, and it would take WAY too long to respond to each of you with all the ideas- so, why not utilize the blog? I know. Pure genius.

(most popular) BREAKFAST BAR suggestions:

RX bars I don't know much about these yet, but I had a few people suggest trying them as they are super filling and have zero junk in them. Very pure... which sometimes means disgusting... so we shall see. 

Perfect bars I am super interested in trying these! Thanks Anna Hedges for the suggestion- I love anything chocolate and peanut butter... also, you add street cred because you have the body of a greek goddess- so I will eat anything you eat. xo.

Kind Breakfast Bars I have tried these before but they have always been so small and not filling, I definitely want to try these though, this suggestion came with a yogurt pairing. I never think to do that! Thanks CaryAnn! 

OATMEAL lovers (put yo hands up)

I have a fitness friend. Don't you love fitness friends? People who are super healthy and in ridiculous shape? Well, my sweet friend is a SUPER fitness friend because she OWNS a gym. Yep. She motivates me- but also loves me where I am at when I am unmotivated. (Payden- love you boo) xoxo. Anyways, she's got a kick booty (looking) oatmeal crockpot recipe. I am trying it this week and will let yall know how it goes- but I never think to make oatmeal in bulk and then portion it out. Brilliance. 

Overnight Oatsguys I actually have tried this before, and it's stinking delicious. I just forget to prep it the night before. It takes a little intentionality, but it really is so good and can be taken with you out the door AND you can switch up what you put in it every time. Options are endless. I linked a PIN that a friend sent me with all the different options. I am getting motivated, yall. These ideas are killer!

Energy Bites: Recipe time! Here's a quick and easy no bake energy ball recipe that would be great for on the go, it just takes a little prep, but then you're set for the week! This will take grab and go to a whole notha' level.

From the Freezer

Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwich: I have tried these before, they are actually really good! Keeping these in the freezer for a last minute grab and go is a good idea- quick lil microwave and bam! 

If you have the time and a little energy to meal prep at some point during kids naps, or before bed... these look really yummy and would be a great way to prepare yourself for a busy week of morning to-do's. You can make breakfast burritos and freeze them so all you have to do is pop them in the microwave and it's a home made breakfast so you know exactly what you're putting in your body! A bit of a healthier option than good ol' Jimmy Dean. (Not hating, just giving alternatives).

I am realizing that it's most likely going to take some meal prepping for me to get the best of both worlds. If I want quick but also healthy, I am going to have to PREP. Gotta do it. Here is one last freezer idea for smoothies. It's a list of a smoothies you can pre-package, just add milk and blend. Super practical and filling. Love this idea, thanks Linda! 


How helpful are you all? Thank you! I know social media gets a bad rep, mainly due to how incredibly addicted we all are to it. That's another post for another day. I do like to give credit to ol' instagram when it's due, and I love it for connecting with you guys and bouncing off ideas and suggestions on how we all try to survive this life. Also, I threw together the the energy bites listed above and they. are. amazing. Definitely keeping these made on the reg. Love you all.