Carpool Karaoke with Sittertree

Man-oh-man, this was just so much fun!

When Jody brought up the idea of doing a carpool karaoke spoof my exact reaction was “WHEN AND WHERE- I’M IN”. Anything that requires singing/performing is right up my alley and of course it’s even cooler because I was able to support and represent one of the best sitting communities to ever exist. Double win.

If you didn’t know from previous posts, I was the first ever Sitter and Family Coordinator for Sittertree. I helped recruit and screen sitters from all over the Atlanta area. I helped to make all of our families feel comfortable and well informed about all we had to offer them. I watched these families fall in love with our sitters and vis-versa. Since becoming a mom and moving a bit further from the city, I had to step away from that role, but I have loved watching Sittertree grow ever since! this community has skyrocketed and is thriving in the Atlanta area and I feel so strongly that you all need to know about it! This is why I am writing this!I will always be super thankful and forever supportive of Sittertree, hence this video and me talking about them to you guys on the reg. Sorry, I am not sorry. Mama’s and Daddy’s need breaks and should be able to get a sitter quickly, conveniently and most importantly they should be able to feel comfortable and confident in who is coming to their house to watch their children!

I was invited into this fun holiday Sittertree festivity because:

  1. The OG coordinator from ground up and the always and forever Sittertree cheerleader.

  2. Jody knows I am a HAM for the camera and would never miss an opportunity to sing Mariah.

I hope you enjoy our rendition of carpool karaoke- Sittertree Christmas edition! Also, if you are interested in giving Sittertree a try, I would love to provide you with a discount code for one free sitter request. When registering, use code: CAROLINEST and you should be good to go! You will get a phone call in 24 hours or less from one of the lovely ladies in the back-seat here and they will give you all of the information you will ever need on how to get started. Be prepared to fall in love with everything this sitting community stands for… you’re welcome in advance. Honestly, All you’ll want for Christmas is Sittertree…