First of all, how about those alliteration skills? Quick back pat and we can move on... I wanted to share my first (drum roll) *highly filtered because of terrible closet lighting* flat lay. Here we are. Keeping that blogger game strong and jumping on the flat lay train. WIthout further ado, here are a few of my favorite finds from super affordable stores and how easy it is to mix and match with vests. I like fall a lot for many reasons, one random reason I like fall is because 1. Cardigans on cardigans on cardigans... a cute way to cover up the addition 10 lbs, and 2. VESTS. I don't own a ton of vests because I am kind of just realizing how AMAZING they are for layering, especially in our schizophrenic weather conditions in Georgia. 

So- I went into Old Navy on a crisp sunny day looking for a some solutions to our weather problem and I see on the wall a big presentation of colorful quilted vests, and I was like "gimme all of 'em"... Then I realized that was my impulsive/irresponsible evil step sister coming out, and I had to put her back in her shiny cage and come to my senses that I will have to purchase 2 staple items at a time. Immediate gratification buzz kill. So, these are the *featured* items of this post because you can literally wear ANY-THING under these vests and have different looks entirely when you're done. So let's talk about these buys...


The puffier steel wool colored vest is of course Old Navy and for the cooler days, this color goes with anything imagineable. Most important it is on sale for $15 TODAY ONLY. Get you one. That is ridiculous.

The black quilted vest is a bit thinner and you can dress it up a bit too, also on sale today for $15. Run.  


I like to pair striped shirts with my vests, but you can literally put anything under a vest. Stripes are everywhere right now though, so I got these soft ones from Old Navy as well. The white and black striped tunic tee is a good find because it can be paired with leggings as well as jeans. This other orange striped tee is just my favorite color for this time of year and super stretchy and soft, which is always a win for chasing little babes around.

This scarf is an H&M find. In my opinion- everyone, I repeat, everyone, needs a leopard scarf in their wardrobe because I think animal print is super diverse and can make a lot of looks pop. Take it or leave it. However, this particular scarf is "unfindable" online and I am haunted by it because I have searched the H&M website to death and can only find a similar looking scarf for you. Sorry, but this one is cute too! 


These flats are a target find and I love 'em. Enough said. They go with so much and I am all about the tiny gold studs, it makes the black a bit less boring. 

These boots are Lucky Brand. I found them on sale at a TJ Maxx last year but they have a super similar style at Macy's this year. I am obsessed with these boots. It's good to spend a little more on boots because it just makes a big difference. They last longer and are more comfortable in the long run. If you are on a hunt for a sale fine, I recommend Nordstrom Rack because they have AMAZING quality boots for half of the department store price. 


Honest moment, I'm not the size I used to be and it will probably take me a minute to get back to where I want to be. In the mean time, I am not trying to sport a muffin top as I squeeze into my pre-pregnancy jeans. I snagged these jeans from ol' faithful Target, and they are doing just fine for now. :)

Last but not least, my necklace is a Target find as well. I like how it is a bit longer than your typical statement necklace, I am so bummed because I can't find the exact one online... but the sugarfix brand at Target has the CUTEST jewelry. I urge you to peruse the jewelry section next time you're at the Tarj. 

That concludes the tour. Thanks for reading, if you made it this far. I really do love sharing my finds with you guys and I will keep doing it, even if only 4 people tune in :)



XO, caro