I can't for the life of me remember where I heard this quote, but when I did, I immediately wrote it down in the notes section of my phone. I knew I needed to hear it. Come on, you know it's good. Don't we all struggle with the "I'm either THIS or THAT" mentality? Why are we are mostly so black and white about things? Life isn't always black and white, guys. Can we entertain for just a second that potential outlook?


For the longest time I have had the bend inside of me UNTIL I reached a certain point in progress of my journey in WHATEVER area of my life, I wasn't worthy of positive reinforcing self talk. That the "little things" I did right didn't matter, it was only the BIG victories or outwardly seen accomplishments that deserved internal recognition. What if I started considering myself AWESOME even in the midst of my trying to "get better at" or even "failing at" something. The banner of "I am not good enough" flies high way too often in my internal world. What if I am 100% good enough even on the days that I wasn't my best self. Gosh, that feels so counterintuitive to think that way. I am going to keep this quote in front me for the rest of the week and read it every morning to myself. Out loud.

I want to love myself better, in any state. I want to me more kind to myself when I have a bad day. I want to acknowledge myself more when I have a great day. I want to see what I am doing "RIGHT" more than what I am doing "WRONG". Do you struggle with that? I want to be able to see myself as beautiful in the process... see the gold inside of me even when it's not always presenting itself. I am a MASTERPIECE and A WORK IN PROGRESS. I love it.