Happy Thanksgiving week! This is the start of either the most exciting time of year for you or the most dreaded/obligatory time of year- depends on your relationship with extended family, but none the less, we are excited over here in the McClure house! I wanted to hop on here and update you all a bit on what's on the docket for me coming up, like really soon.

CONTEXT: Since having West, I have been on lock down mode. What's that, you ask? It's not really dreaming much of the life ahead and just trying to make it through from about 7am-7pm. We have officially hit the 6 month mark (well, as of Dec. 1) but who's counting? West is doing so great, he has ended up being super chill and easy going which has changed my life a bajillion times over especially now that Sutton is 2, (and definitely acting like it). Anyways, counseling has been great, I am really getting my feet back on the ground. Our routine is pretty established and I am starting to feel healthier in general. All good things over here!

So, now I am beginning to wipe the dust off of the thoughts of possibilities/ potential dreams that have been stored away in the *do not engage* department of my brain due to... well, the over stimulation of motherhood. I feel ready to consider what may be next for me. Which leads me into my impulsive nature. I can make a decision pretty easily most of the time. It's a blessing and a curse. This decision was a hybrid of both, if that even makes sense at all. I have had this in the back of my mind for a while but haven't been able to even grasp taking any action since having a third child. But, I am feeling more and more ready now. *DRUM ROLL* 

I am getting my Real Estate license.

I start Monday.

Night school.

Two days a week.

For 8 weeks.

Why do this during the holidays, you ask? I DON'T KNOW. That is where the impulse comes in. When I made the official decision to go for it, I said to myself- what better time then the now? (Ummm.. probably ANYTIME besides the holidays...*thought everyone reading this post*) but NOPE. When I make a decision I guess I fear the temptation of going back on it, so I just do what I gotta do to make it happen.

That said, I start Monday and am donezo by Jan. 17. I don't even know what life will look like after I take all of the exams (if I can even pass *cue test taking anxiety*), I have a ton of research to do... but I feel pretty empowered to put my mind to work, start getting out there, and even bring some income to the table. Even if I don't hit the gas pedal full throttle when I get out, I have the classes under my belt and am ready to rock when I can figure out a game plan. I feel really excited. Definitely to learn, of course, but I can't deny the thrill of buying a three ring binder and loose leaf paper. Random fact, I'm obsessed with school supplies. Sadly, I haven't needed to buy any in about 10 years so the obsession has laid dormant for quite some time. She's waking up now though and ready to hit up Staples for some smooth writing pens and of course a beautiful pack of neon highlighters. ANOTHER thing about me, I am an A student with the occassional B+, but I have to work REALLY hard for it. To fully absorb information, I have to write, read aloud and talk scenarios. (Poor Drew). I'll be busting out the flash cards (multi-colored of course) and he will be just as much licensed as I will by the end of it.

Speaking of Drew, talk about supportive. That man is so pumped for me but also beyond willing to take on dinner/bedtime routines on the nights I have class. He's not typically impulsive, so when he said go for it, it fueled my desire to do it even more. Ladies, find a man who supports your dreams and desires... I am so thankful for him. 

I will be entering student mode in a few short days. Ill let you know if I HATE myself for the decision, or if it is as invigorating as I am hoping it will be. Of course I have a realistic understanding of the challenges involved juggling mom life and student life, but I have a feeling it will be worth the juggling act.

So, cheers to going for it. (Cheers to possibly being out of my mind but doing it anyways). Cheers to impulse.


xo- Caro