Hey peeps. Can I set the scene for you real quick? I am sitting on my bedroom floor typing this after emotionally eating 3 chocolate chip cookies. West is a mess tonight. He is super fussy and won’t go to sleep for some reason, so I am letting him cry it out. My bedroom is the furthest from his room, so I will be camping out in here with the monitor on silent for the time being. Hashtag mom life. So, Hi. 

I’m going straight forward today and giving you a peak into a few of my favorite things as of late. I know I have kept a lot of you in the know about my lipgloss obsessions, but I am branching out today to share a few items/products that I’m loving right now. I am going to steer clear from make up products because I am working on that post separately. That is a list I will have to widdle down for you later. So, without further ado, here are a few of my can't live withouts as of right now:


SPRAY ON AQUAPHOR - Sutton has eczema and I am constantly lathering her down in aquaphor/cerave/coconut oil, you name it. I am always trying new things for her skin to keep her hydrated. I recently found this spray bottle of aquaphor and it's SO EASY to apply and she also thinks its super cool when I put it on because it tickles, so it makes lotion application fun. I am not sure about yall, but the post-bath/pre-bed routine is a sh*t show most of the time around our house so I am all about easy, fast and fun. The quicker we can get on and off the changing table, the better. Love this product. Check it out.

POPSOCKET - Ok so I found out about these from my niece. I had to know about this new found middle school obsession, so I bought one out of curiosity. I was a hater at first because I didn't want something sticking out of my phone- it looked like it would get in the way. NOPE. I can't live without it on my phone now. It really does help you hold your phone. If it's not on my phone now I feel like I am going to drop it. They come in any color/design imaginable and you may even be able to find one you like better on amazon for a little cheaper. You're welcome in advance for this one.

COCONUT OIL - I realize I may be a little late in the game for this one. Everyone loves coconut oil. But I must say I really like this brand and I use it ALL THE TIME on my face. I have started smothering my face in coconut oil at night before going to bed and within three days I noticed improvement in hydration. I also use it a little bit mixed into my primer before I apply make up. Game changer. 

TARGET SLEEP DRESS - I am obsessed with sleep dresses lately and this one is so soft, comfy and affordable. Do you love how it's wrinkled in this picture? Well, I wore it last night and I'm not trying to iron my clothes for a flat lay pic that I did while West was losing his mind in his bouncer waiting to be fed. So, sorry! I didn't have time, and frankly didn't care. High five! Moving on, this sleep dress comes in a few different colors and I have the pink one and teal one. I typically really like all of the Gilligan and O'Malley line at Target so I am always on the prowl to find comfy bras, underwear and now I am into their sleep wear. You won't regret this purchase. 

QUAY AUSTRALIA SUNNIES - ok guys, this brand is all the new craze and there's a reason. THE CUTEST sunnies, trendy ones, classic styles and good quality, and affordable! I found mine on amazon for ya because they're sold out on their own website and multiple others with these specific frames. If you follow my instagram I may or may not be wearing a different pair of sunnies in every story I post because mama's got issues there... BUT if I had to throw out all my sunglasses minus one pair, these would be my keepers. 


There you are! I would love to hear from y'all, any products/clothing/accessories you're loving right now?